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I'm starting to create my title blocks in Solid Edge and I want to make sure I am on the right path. My first sheet title block is different than my second sheet (and following) per ANSI standard. I am putting all of my title blocks in one template file and have different background tabs for the first and second sheets. This means that for A-E sheets sizes I will have over ten background tabs. Is this the correct workflow? See figure below.


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Betreff: Title Blocks




Iwould try to only have 5 different background sheets for the 5 diffrrent sizes A to E,

with 2 title blocks used there.

The 2 title blocks might be on to different layers, so You can switch from any drawing size with either block 1 or 2 easily. 






Betreff: Title Blocks

I don't know if it is the best solution, but I use a different draft file for each paper size with 2 sheets, one for landscape and one for portrait.

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Betreff: Title Blocks

As Solid Edge is now on version 28 I think it is about time the drawing template/title block/drawing border funcionalty was addressed properly.

For users to still have to write their own macros (as we have done), have multiple drawing borders in a template file or manually copy/paste borders from one file to another is rediculous.

The macro option was the only way for us to go as we have currently have 28 different drawing border options - different sizes, different clients, electrical or mechanical. To have them all in one file would leave us with a template file over 2MB before any views were added.


Surely Siemens can come up with a built-in function to define/change drawing borders.


I would have thought he process was quite simple - we already define template files so this could be easily extended to defining border files. Then its a few clicks to place the correct border.


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Betreff: Title Blocks

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Some places simplify by just using one format for the first and continuation sheets. Of course, it means they don't get to use the more space efficient continuation sheets with the simplified title block.

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Betreff: Title Blocks

I made up one dft file that has 3 background tabs, A, B, D. The titleblock itself is a single block that is 1x scale on the A and B templaces and 1.5 on the D template.  We do not do sheet sets often so even if we do have a page number of number of pages (1 of 1) it is almost always only 1 sheet.


This does seem clunky, I wish the dft files were smarter and let me pull information out of an excel file like we had setup for autocad where each file would check for its name in a drawing list document and pull the relavant information such as project name, part name, customer, etc.


I also wish you could change it so double clicking on a block opened the properties and not the edit, this behavior is backwards to all other drafting programs.

Betreff: Title Blocks

Same general perspective.


Only one draft layout per sheet size.


The main reason other programs and company standards have a sheet 1 vs other sheets is because of the bill of materials. Since the parts lists are not part of the drafting background, no reason for that any more.


Back to way old school. I remember having  preprinted title block for page one because of how long it took for pen plotters to make the first page. This is historically why many companies have a seporate page one template.

Betreff: Title Blocks

Thanks to everyone for your replies. For those of you that use separate draft files for different title blocks, how do you switch to a different sheet size when, let's say, halfway through the project you realize you need to change from a "B" size to "E" size title block?

David McMahon
Solid Edge ST9, MP8
HP Z2 Mini, Windows 10

Betreff: Title Blocks

Simple version: Cut and past.


Detailed version:


I update my title blocks once. What I do to update a drawings title block is delete and replace all of the line work, text, and annotation on the title block page. That in turn updates all of the individual pages. Since I use annotation for everything I can. All of the information updates.


I have two title block pages A and B. because 11X17 (B) and 8,5X11 (A) are my only printing formats.


One related trick to title block is to add a circle to 0,0. Then take the border relative to that for absolute position control. A circle is the ONLY object that can have a controlled location on the title block pages.

Betreff: Title Blocks

We use one size... landscape "A" with text sized to be readable when printed (smaller than 1/8").  It's CAD so folks have to print it to get it on paper and we use printers that are at max 11x 17 but the majority of folks only use 8-1/2 x 11.  If you view it electronically then it is also scaled to fit, so "A" works well here.  I would say that based on scaling of text down, we are using essentially using a "C" configuration but by scaling text down and using the "A" size sheet, it makes printing a "no brainer" for folks around here.


I also seem to remember an issue were SE would not scale down the gap and line length of line styles like the Hidden Line.  This meant that if you printed a "C" on "A" paper, a hidden line may end up having 2 lines hitting the edge of the part with one gap in the middle vs. if it was printed on "C" paper it would be 4 dashes across the part.  It's been a while so this may have been resolved in the app since then.


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