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Tolerance: Leading Zeroes

Anyone know how to make my tolerance show as +- 0.1 instead of simply +-.1?


One should never begin with a dimension with "." because it is so easy to miss. I used to be able to accomplish this in earlier versions of SE.

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‎09-29-2015 02:33 PM

Re: Tolerance: Leading Zeroes

This is controlled by the Dimension Style. It is off by default in ANSI. To turn it on, you go to Styles, Dimension Style, and then the Units page. There is a check mark for leading zero. 


You need to save this in your template if you want it to work for all new files.

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Re: Tolerance: Leading Zeroes

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Ah ha. I was getting ready to say, nope, tried that but it turns out I was modifying the wrong style.


It would help if selecting "Styles in use" actually worked...