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I know this question has floated around many, many times.  And, I've heard of the Edge Publisher tool and have even tested it; it holds a ton of promise...  BUT...  I'm still left wondering how others are doing this right now...


We are trying to print a drawing package from a top level Assembly.

The need is to pick the Top Level Assy and from this want all of the drafts of the parts in the assembly at any and all occurrence levels.

We’ve tried a few different approaches and have yet to get a “clean” result.


We use Insight… so our 1st attempt was to create an unmanaged copy and include where used drafts…

This ends up including many more where used drafts than simply the parts at revs used in the chosen assembly.


Essentially I want a flat BOM and only drafts that match the falt BOMs file names and revisions used in the Assembly.


HELP --- Please and Thank You!!!


Matt J



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When I went to the Solid Edge University in 2013, they gave a presentation on Insight, and they were creating pdf's on the fly, whenever they saved a draft, it created a pdf at the same time. They were showing us how you could get your desired drawing packages this way.


We never went forward with Insight, so never got to see it work again.....

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This done by "ProjectPlot"

see the video here


Collecting all drawings from all linked 3d models in a assembly. Than you can say if you want to print them, create for each drawaing a single PDF or creates just one PDF with all drawings


For the BOM check out  the Excel-Template.

It creates a project BOM from the assembly in Excel including the hierarchy.

It is for free!


If you have questions please let me know



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I forgot!


It works perfectly with Insight! So if there are several drawings with different names for one 3D-Model the "ProjectPlot" will find them!



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Thanks Stefan,


The problem is that we dont want all the where used drawings...


Only drawings that match teh PN and Rev as in the assy.


So if Part "12345-01.par"  we only want draft "12345-01.dft"


not all the where used...


we have a process right now that does what you are doing here in your app.


I think im goign to be forced to write our own little Marco...

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You can sort the drawings you get by every property you have in the Solid Edge Document and then you can deselect the unwanted!

This makes it very flexible in the results you are looking for!


Get in touch with me and I will send you the software for testing!


For example we have customers sorting by status of the drawing. Only released Draft will be printed!