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Toroidal Helix

I am about to write a small routine to generate a Curve by Table version of a toroidal helix shape (like a circular heating element).  Before I start on this I just thought I'd check if anyone knows an easy way to do these. There's a great video on how to do them in NX using 'Law Curves', which are not implemented in SE unfortunately. You can view the video here.


If I don't hear from anyone I'll make a parametric model and spreadsheet (or program) to generate the points and post the results here in a week or so...........



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Re: Toroidal Helix

@Tushar wrote a Blog post that might be helpful...


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Re: Toroidal Helix

The way I did it was to let the VB do the calculation and write the results out to a spreadsheet - X,Y,Z values must be in columns A,B,C respectively.

This is then used to generate a curve by table.

As I said in another thread, the end segments of the generated curve will be a bit off, but you can improve this with the tolerance setting of the curve.

I will have a look and see if I can find the program I wrote and post some code to help.

You will need to re-do the saving as Excel bit I think.

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Re: Toroidal Helix

That's perfect Matt, thanks. And thanks to Tushar too!

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Re: Toroidal Helix

Although I've solved my problem for now I think I will still try to write a general transform or 'Law Curve' type routine that can solve implicit curves so if you find any code that can do some of this it would still be useful. Thanks.

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