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Training Manual



I have look on the manual for Solid Edge available in Siemens website. But, all of them are more than hunded pages, just only one course. Anyone here have the shorter manual training and feels delighted to share it. Or have a link to get those thing.


Thank you 


Re: Training Manual

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

Hi @Muhammad_Ayub


A concise or abridged version of the training manual is hard to find given the scope and vastness of Solid Edge.

If you have specific topic to focus on, Solid Edge video tutorials on YouTube are the best option.

A series of beginner, intermediate and advanced tutorials are on this tution project channel.

And here's a collection of several video channels for Solid Edge.


~Tushar Suradkar

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Re: Training Manual

Solution Partner Genius Solution Partner Genius
Solution Partner Genius

I have started a ST training course that creates a Marking Gauge (old school) that looks at part creation, assembly and draft. I haven't finished yet or double checked it for consistency, but you're welcome to use it. This one is 26 pages, but you need all of the images to make it clear.