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I fill the selected area and want to make this area tranparent. Could you tell me how to do this please. Thanks.

Re: Tranparent

Are you running ST2 or ST3?
Rick B.

Re: Tranparent

It's ST2. Thanks.

Re: Tranparent


You cannot make the fill transparent, but you can control the display order.
This will make the fill display first and then all geometry will display on
top of the fill.
you do this through the Bring to front and Send to back commands.
Add these commands to the Quick Access Toolbar.
At the top of the application window to the right there is a little arrow
pointing down.
It is to the right of the Undo and redo buttons.
If you pause the cursor on this button you will see 'Customize Quick Access
Click on that button.
Click on More Commands in the drop list.
Change the combo box that sets the command type to 'Modify'.
You will see 'Bring to front' and 'Send to back' in the list.
Click on one of them and then click on the Add button to add them to the
list to the right.
Do the same for the other command.
Click on Close.
You will now see these commands next to Undr and redo.
If you click on a Fill, you can click on Send to back.
The geometry will display on top of the fill.
Rick B.