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Transfer "Greyed out"

Hey Guys,

Im use disperse and transfer quite a lot. especially for quotation designs as i do not want to affect the existing  assemblies. i will create an assembly with many other assemblies disperse into my new assembly and then transfer it back into a subassembly their-by creating a copied assembly to the  new customer specification.




ive been doing what i thought was the same as always,  and for some reason i cant seem to select the parts i want to create a sub assembly.  i multi select the parts to create a new sub assembly. and the transfer button is greyed out.

what would casue transfer to be greyed out? 


i have a work around that is really annoying.

if i select individual parts i can add them to the new sub assembly. but i cant seem to add multiple parts to the sub assembly. 

its so weird. ive never encountered this before.

any suggestions?


Re: Transfer "Greyed out"

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

Without a set of files or at least a screen shot of the model tree, we can't help.

Re: Transfer "Greyed out"

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

probably failed assembly relationships...   i do not think those commands are active with failed relationships bcz SE would not know what to do witht he relations after movign them...


MIght be wrong - just a quick guess

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