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Transition sheetmetal parts


Hi everyone,
I've been using Edge for about 20 years but don't do much in the way of sheet metal. In particular transition parts such as square to round etc. What are the limitations (complexity), etc. I've never really seen a tutorial that has adequately explained this. I know that there were some samples in the old training files, but no explaination of how to reproduce one. I know to loft the shapes and to have a gap the sketches but form there it usually goes south and am unable to develop the shape. I would appreciate any help to solve this problem. Other than this the software is a theat. cheers Pat


Re: Transition sheetmetal parts

Hi Pat,

You should find that Solid Edge is very good at transitional sheet metal parts which can be flattened. There was also some new functionality introduced more recently that allows non linear or ruled surfaces / parts to be flattened.

The best advice is to check out some of the sample parts that you will find in the following folder - C:\Program Files\Solid Edge ST4\Training\Sheet Metal

Here you will find perfect examples along with flat patterns for:
Round to Round
Square to Round
Square to Square

These should help you with the rules and workflow for these parts.

Hope that helps