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Translating a paper drawing to ST9


Hello all,

I'm pretty new to this so please forgive me for sounding a bit ignorant.


I'm trying to copy a hand-drawn plan view image (or a printed one, for that matter) to a free-form drawing of the top of my design so I can translate from preliminary to computer aided design stages.


I have the required hardware to scan images so I tried this and then pasted the image into solid edge by vectorising (the 'insert bitmap image' function) however I cannot get the image to appear.



These are my settings before pasting.

I pasted the image with dimensions 500mm x 2500mm, however nothing came up in the workspace.

The image is a bitmap as required.


I have also been wondering if I could use a USB drawing tablet.

The shape I'm trying to create is an aerofoil, if this helps.


Please could you help me to do this correctly?





Re: Translating a paper drawing to ST9

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi there @KestrelGP,


If you would please upload your image file to this forum topic?

What environment are you trying to put the image into??


Either I, or another community member, will be happy to look at the process required to get it into SE.....its normally a pretty staright forward process, but I'm guessing there must be something specific to your image that is holding you up here.


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Re: Translating a paper drawing to ST9



Thanks for your quick reply


I have tried another file to see if it's my method that's wrong.

It isn't, as I was able to insert another image.

I used Zamzar conversions to convert the file, this may be the issue.

I've since used a more compatible file and used the curve tool as I needed to make the image into a sketch.

Thanks for making me question the file - this was the problem!