Tread plate

Has any out there successfully used the diamond/tread plate pattern than comes with SE?

It's blue and I have have yet to figure out how to make that look like steel and aluminum diamond plate.


I have figured out expanded metal using an images of expanded metal from some where. I actually had to make two of them. One horizontal the other vertical.


What's the right way to add that pattern into a steel and/or aluminum material. As the bump map, bit map, or other?



Re: Tread plate

In order for this to work you need to check 'High-quality' & 'Bump maps' on the Rendering tab of the View Overrides dialogue box.  In the Styles dialogue box select Faces Styes, then New. Name it appropriately and base it on aluminum or steel.  On the Bump tab browse to the 'Normal Diamond Plate.png' file, select 'World' under Units and change the size values to 0.05.



Re: Tread plate

Thanks a1striker               

I will give this a shot when I can. I gave up on the bump maps for a while.

The real trick will be to create a hatch pattern that looks right for the drawings.