Trouble copying feature in part

Hi everyone,

I've been learning Solid Edge recently and I have encountered a frustrating problem. I'm trying to use the feature library function while building my part, but for some reason, I cannot for the life of me understand, I can't copy any feature except sketches.

I tried this within both ordered and synchronous environment. Does anyone know what I could be doing wrong? :/


Re: Trouble copying feature in part

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Are you trying to copy a sphere to the library. I found no problem Copy-Pasting to the feature library and putting it back into the model.


What method are you following to create a library feature?

Are you trying to use a LibFeature created in Ordered in Sync or vice-versa ?




Re: Trouble copying feature in part

Hi Tushar,

I have no idea why but the problem went away. Frustrating when you don't
understand why the software behaves the way it does, but I have too little
time and too much bachelor thesis to write to worry about it. Thanks anyway!


Fredrik Lundström

Re: Trouble copying feature in part

Hi Fredrik:


Glad that the problem went away.

It seems, some  times the best way to solve a Solid Edge problem is to wait it out.