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Ok, here's my problem. I bought my Plasma Table (to be delivered next month). THe company sent me to this website to download Solid edge to learn about the program while waiting for my Table. Downloaded the 2.4 Gig software, installed to cSmiley Tonguerogram Files/solid edge ST8/preference. Copied the SeLicense.dat file to the Preference Directory. When I try to launch the program, it open a window asking me to click here to obtain a free update to your new License or check for

newer version. Now, I click on check for up date and the next window opens, asking me to selet my License options. I checked I have a license which takes me to the Browse to select your license. I then direct it to C;Program Files/Solid Edge ST8/Preference and select the SELicence.dat file, click open then click Ok.  A couple of seconds later a window pops up telling me it can't  a valid license. Where did I go wrong? Did I miss something? Need help!!! Please


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Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi there,


The 2D-Free version, a great match for use with the Plasma cutter by the way, of Solid Edge. I have this deployed on a couple of PC's in our company also, and don't  recall it requiring the licensing step.

Could it be, that you mistakenly got given the download link for Student Edition of SE instead?

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