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Turntable 3d view

Hi, I'm new to Solid Edge.

From previous software I got used to rotating the 3d view in "turntable" mode, where one axis always points upwards. Thus any view manipulation can't result in camera roll, only pitch and yaw is possible.

I have not found a way to set up solid edge st8 to behave like that. Have I missed some option or is it simply not an option? I'm open to scripting if necessary.

Re: Turntable 3d view

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Hi @Einsty


From the View tab on the ribbon, start the 'Spin About' command and pick a face perpendicular to the axis of rotation - it works differently in Solid Edge- but the result is same. Drag the tubular (torus) part to rotate the turntable as shown in this video:



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Re: Turntable 3d view

Hi, @Tushar


Thanks for the reply.


While this is a useful workaround for isolated cases, it does not solve the problem of ending up head down feet up after a few iterations of arbitrary view rotation.


I will get used to SE way of things after some time. I rotate the view around the model frequently to keep a good 3d idea in my head. I will just have to learn viewing with an additional degree of freedom. At least SE has reasonable perspective in 3d view that can be toggled with one button.


To conclude, as I see it, the way I wanted it to be done can't be done.

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Re: Turntable 3d view


the workaround I come to think of is if you are using a 3D Connexion as input device, you can deselect the axis you want to be inactive.


Btw, I really like the new 'auto/rotation center' in 3D Connexion. Finally!


2017-03-06 19_41_52-Solid Edge ST9 - Synchronous Part - [Part1.par].png

Good luck!


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If I understand the issue, don't forget this tool:



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Re: Turntable 3d view

While this tool manipulates the view with an axis locked in the way I want, it only allows manipulation around that one axis and none else, which is not what I want. Also, it is a discrete tool on the ribbon, "not built in enough" if you know what I want to say.


Alas, I have gotten used to the slight disorientation. Most parts don't have a ceiling anyhow.


Thank you all for replying though.

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Hi Edgers,

Hi @Einsty



please don't forget the standard right mouse button functionallity of SE.


CTRL+RMB let's You rotate the 3D objcet free in space

But if You click the middle mouse button in object area You can select any point, circle or edge for rotaional axis.

This point/axis will be the rotation axis as long as You don't select another one or You press the middle mouse button in free space or You seelct one of the standard views (CTRL-I for example)


See video:



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This is a nice feature I was not aware of, thank you for showing me.


But it does at best what the spin about tool does.


What I'm asking about is removing one degree of freedom (roll) from the viewport camera movement. I've attached a crude sketch to illustrate.

solid camera.png




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Re: Turntable 3d view

Hi @Einsty



Your request is for daily work with Solid Edge or for any further reason?


If the result should be a movie then You can realize this via simulation/animation in assembly.

There is an option to define camera pathes for moves in an animated simulation.