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Tutorial Using Magnifier In Solid Edge

PLM World Member Valued Contributor PLM World Member Valued Contributor
PLM World Member Valued Contributor

This media using video Magnifier Windows 7 is used with 100%(______)?


  1. This step by step tutorial will show you how to set up magnifier W7
  2. Open start up button on the top of the taskbar… All programs type in Magnifier,
  3. Magnifier will have an option button… There you will find three different options: Docked, Lens, Full screen. This application is set for full screen. Do a little experimenting to meet your mind.
  4. Dock your window to set your taste. You may want to dock other windows… Minimize other windows may be an issue for you. Constantly opening the taskbar… This may be irrelevant for you… Others may seem otherwise. Continueing… Looking on the top right page there is a Red (X) to close, Left end is the minimize. Center is to dock set your taste. Going to the top of the page Left Click… Moves the page, go a little higher there will be Icon (Arrow) moves the page larger smaller.
  5. To set the colors to your using... The window that will give you an opportunity to get access to your personal taste. Right Click… Go to the bottle of the tag Click Personalize… Open advanced settings will give you the desktop, colors, font,etc. Color window at the bottom of the page... A little experience will give you that extra Wow! effect. Before you close 
  6. Before you close check the color setting. This will give you an opportunity to set your border for your pages.
  7. For those that are color blind this may help you with colors to suit your taste. As well as, a better sense where your product will take you.
  8. Enjoy.