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Tutorial help needed


Well a brand newbie here, I'm a long time programmer but new to CAD. Anyway on page 1-29 of the testdrive_se2d.pdf we are applying relations to the 2 parts on the page. My drawing lookes exactly like the ones in the doc, but when the relationship between the 2 views of the part is established, instead of aligning with each other on the correct plane, the 2 views move together. Please see the screeen cap below to see the problem.


So what am I doing wrong here?


Re: Tutorial help needed

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom


I believe the Horizontal/Vertical relationship was added. But, because the distance between the two endpoints that were used to add the horizontal/vertical constraint was smaller in the vertical direction the constraint was created as a horizontal constraint. You can find this constraint by pausing over the coincident lines until QuickPick is displayed. You will se the horizontal constraint in the list. Select it and delete it. Then move the geometry of the lower view down and to the left so that the hoirzontal distance between the two points is small. Then add the Horizontal/Vertical constraint again.



Rick B.

Re: Tutorial help needed

Thanks much for the help. I ended up undoing the relationship, then cut and pasted the upper view in closer proximity to the lower. Adding the relationship then works as pictured in the demo.