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I am new to solid edge2d and am going through the tutorial. there are a couple of
areas that don't seem to be as they should.
1. when setting up the intelisketch diolog the perice point is not active as shown
in the tutoial, is this normal or do I have to do somthing? Ihave tried clicking
on it but like I say it is grayed out (not active).
2. When I attempt to do the "Draw a Hidden Line" segment the tutorial gives the
following directions:
First, position the cursor over the circle approximately as shown in the top illustration,
but do not click.
When the silhouette point relationship indicator displays adjacent to the cursor,
move the cursor down to the line shown in the illustration below.

Notice that a dashed line is displayed between the circle you highlighted and the
current cursor position. This indicates that the cursor is precisely aligned with
the edge of the circle.

When the point on relationship indicator displays adjacent to the cursor, click
to start the line.
I do not see a dashed line as discribed, again am I not doing something right to
accomplish this part of the task?
Thanks for any help


Re: Tutorial

Pierce points are used in 3D. Solid Edge 2D Drafting is a subset of Solid
Edge. They share much of the same user interface such as dialogs. If you see
something that is disabled, it is most likely because it is used in 3D.
The dashed line is displayed to help you with alignment. The hidden line you
need to place is vertically below the left hand edge of the circle located.
The dashed line is displayed when the circular part of the cursor (locate
zone) is vertically below the located silhouette point of the circle. Move
the cursor below the silhouette point as specified. Then move the cursor
slowly left and right below the silhouette. When the locate zone of the
cursor is directly below the silhouette point you will see the dashed line.
Clicking at this time will snap the start point of the line directly below
the silhouette point.
Rick B.