Type object in IFC file



I try to import an IFC file to SEST8MP10. The import is ok but where I can find the type propertie for each element ? For example Door, Wall, ...


I find this information only in the name




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Re: Type object in IFC file

Currently Solid Edge does not support importing the IFC property values.  Only the geometry is imported.

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Hi uk_dave


Thanks for this answer.

Ok in this sens -> Import to Solid Edge I understand.


Now how can I type object from SE to IFC format.


Example : I design a door and I want export this door in IFC file. How can I type my SePart and type my IFC file like a Door ?


I want to open my export file IFC from Solid Edge with BimVision application for example. I want BimVision reconize my part like a door.


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Re: Type object in IFC file

In the IFC export options there is a switch to turn on Export Properties.  It uses the Program Files\Solid Edge ST9 \Preferences\Translators\ IFCProperties.xlsx  file to control what gets exported.


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Re: Type object in IFC file

Hi Grundey


can you tell me what group and what propertie for typed a component like Door or Wall ?

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I think you will find that the Group and Property for each element type is explicitly defined in the IFC standard being used.


For example, you can see from this link that a door is an "IfcDoor" type:.


And a window is an "IfcWindow" type:


The full standard can be found here:



Re: Type object in IFC file

Thanks uk_dave


I understand, but where I can write this information (IfcDoorType) ?

in SePart File ?

in Excel File ?




I want write this property in my SePart File and when I will export IFC, My IFC file is a door.


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Re: Type object in IFC file

You will define and write all of your IFC properties and their values in the Excel spreadsheet.  You do not create Solid Edge properties.


So in the example of a door, in the Excel file you will need to create a new tab called "Pset_DoorCommon" and within this new tab create the three columns of property data associated  with the IFCDoor element type.


2017-01-25 22_16_41-buildingSMART Data Dictionary Browser.png


See the following additional resource for drilling down in the IFC structure:$V