Unable to locate Solid Edge ST6 tutorials


I'm used to the main menu of Solid Edge ST5 where the "tutorials" button was visible.

However, with the new main menu of ST6, I'm can't find the "tutorials" button, even when I click on "New to Solid Edge? Start here".

Please tell me where to locate the tutorialson ST6.

Thank you



Re: Unable to locate Solid Edge ST6 tutorials

Hi there,


Under the Solid Edge application button, go to Solid Edge Options > Helpers, then at the bottom of the dialoge is "Help System", check the box for web browser use. [system defaults to use IE browser only, regardless of other browsers] {uncheck if standard help file is required}


Now you just need to press "F1" to call the "Help" file [now you've set it to be the online version] and select from the new catergories, I suspect the middle one is for you, and confusingly, the icons are not hyperlinked, you have to actually use the "Click to continue..." should be able to get to where you need to go from there.


Sean Cresswell
Design Manager Streetscape Limited
Solid Edge ST10 [MP0] Classic [x2 seats]
Windows 10

Re: Unable to locate Solid Edge ST6 tutorials

Thank you very much SeanCresswell for your detailed reply! I really appreciate your help!

This way of finding the tutorials in ST6 is much harder than the ST5, perhaps a downgrade from Siemens.