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Unable to open STEP file


I cant open in ST9 that Step file, which was exported from solidworks 2018. 

What is the problem, could anyone help me please?

The Solid Edge create a writing pad when i try to open step file, this pad contains these informations of ST9:

Parasolid version: 29.0.200
PSBodyShop version: 29.0.68
Step translate version: 2.0.152
Solid Edge version: x64


Maybe one of these versions not compatible with solidworks 2018 version? Which version of solidworks step file can solid edge st9 open?




Betreff: Unable to open STEP file

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi @VErvin 



without knowing the step internals and without having that step file it is hard to say anything practical.


It could be, that the step file was written accroding to the new step definition (is it 242) which could not be opend by Your old Solid Edge version.


I think, there was an internal option to use the new "beta" version of the step translator instead.


There also it could be, that the file itself is buggy.

Maybe there were lost bits during the commnuication, etc.


Anything useful only will be possible to say when having the step available.