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Unblock multiple blocks at the same time

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How do you unblock multiple blocks at the same time?

I often import gerbers or files translated between formats, and often every element is converted to a block. E.g. every line is a separate block. And then when I want to work with the drawing, I am very restricted because everything is a block.

To select, right click unblock each block would take me hours per drawing. I used to open the DXF in autocad, run the explode command, then re-open it in solid edge, but I no longer have autoCAD.

I find it quite annoying that you cant perform right click functions on more than one item at a time (since when you right click it deselects your whole selection).

I added unblock to my ribbon, so then I could select everything and click unblock, but then it only unblocks one item. I would have to repeat the process about 3000 times.

I hope there is something I am missing, but as far as I can see this is a serious SE limitation. I encounter this problem almost daily.

Thank you for any help

Re: Unblock multiple blocks at the same time

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
Currently there is no quick solution to this.
Where are the files comming from? I find it very unusual that every object is blocked. This sounds more like a translation problem with the originating software. I would assume that there is a translation option set incorrectly that is creating all of hte blocks instead of simply creating the geometry.

Rick B.