Underlining Text Profile in part

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Dear all,


There are some options availeble in the Text Profile promt screen, however I am missing the underlining option.

Reason for this is that I have to create a text with underlining according the DNV rules and I am not able to do so.

Daniël Schuiling

Re: Underlining Text Profile in part

I did a work around, created the text and draw a rectangle below it.
But still would find it better to have this in 1 feature.
Daniël Schuiling

Re: Underlining Text Profile in part

Good workaround @DanielMCMLXXXII


Another option would be to download an underlined font from sites like


Not sure if this would comply with company drafting standards, so you may have to search a closely resembling underlined font.



Re: Underlining Text Profile in part

That is also an option.
Just got a mail from our dealer:

IR Description: Text underlining in Text Profile function


Dear Customer,

Your recent call to the Global Technical Access Center, Incident Report (IR)
Number 7805065 opened on 12-SEP-2016, has been researched by our GTAC
software engineers. They have determined that this perceived problem is
an enhancement to the current software functionality.

This IR was converted into an enhancement request (ER) on 12-SEP-2016
and is now referenced as ER Number 5765629. It is not currently scheduled
for implementation.

Daniël Schuiling