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Understanding My Attempts To Show Solid Edge Tech Support

PLM World Member Valued Contributor PLM World Member Valued Contributor
PLM World Member Valued Contributor
I Am Sending Solid Edge Videos, Images Etc.
Your Questions You May Have... What Is This Guy Thinking?  
Granted These Videos May Be Out Of The Ordinary. This Is Why I Am Doing These This Way For Myself To Learn. I Have An Avenue For These Drawings.
My Drawings, Images, My Use Of Writing This Letter. Every Word Is Capitalized. 
Reason Being... Is To Capture The Building Of Parts. (VirtualMemory).
With This Video I Am Sending You Has To Deal With Using [Alt]. Since Commuters Do Not Have A Set Program For The Top Row F1ThruF12 In Drawings. So, I Am Adding The [Alt] Commands.
Basically... Confusing The Computer To Take A Different Path To Get The Job Done.
The Same As Muscle Memory, Getting So Tired Of Taking The Same Path.
With These Drawings... I Am Turning The Main WorkStation Computer, On It's Side UpSide Down. Laying On It's Side Etc.
Setting The Monitor, On It's Side As Well.
This Letter May Be Out Of The Ordinary... So Be It.
I Am Designing A {VirtualMemoryParts} Using [ShotGlass] {Shot Glass Is Tempered Glass That Explodes When Broken}, [PlasticCaps] Also, Another Ingredient. 
With This Video Showing Beginning With Using The Alt Command. Using The Alt Codes Helps Me With A Different Outlook In Drawings. 
By Holding Down The Alt Button And Striking The Numbers Pad, This May Help Some One Else To Understand The Alt Code.AltDesign.png
With This Images Shows A Different Look At The Alt°[Alt°248] Degree
For The Most I Am Learning Solid Edge On Own, {With Help With Solid Edge Tech Suppport}
Thank You