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Unequal angle flange corner closing


For those pro in Sheet metal, I have a question on how to close a corner between 2 flanges which have an unequal angle

As you can see in the attached image, the 2 flanges have different length and angels (1 being 150x85 and the other being 100x85).

I have tried different approaches, but cannot get a nice closed corner which can still be flattened without interfering material…


Does anyone has ever encountered this and has found a solution which is workable without requiring too much of a risky feature tree.


2-bend corner.PNG


Marc Boom

Re: Unequal angle flange corner closing

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

Many options


1. Make the flat sheet the way you want. Then add bend lines and bends where you want. Don't use the flange command.


2. If you use flange commands. Set them up to have the bend outside the main tab. To make this easier, I typically make the tab a bend radius and thickness small on the sides with flanges. Then when the flange is compleatly ouside the tab, your back the the origional desired size.


3. If the 2 way cornerner does not work, do a manual cut inside the corner point of the bends.


Note: I do sheet metal in orderd only, not sure about Sync work arounds.


I attached 3 files so you can see the varius methods. In the 3rd file, check out removing the cut.




edit. I didn't take into account the varius angles of the flanges, so the 2 way corner command may not work. If both flanges are the same style of contruction, the 2 way command should work at any sets of angles.

Re: Unequal angle flange corner closing


I just tossed together a sample, and it works fine if you use 2-Bend Corner command. I made one leg about 50mm longer, and the angles are 5 degrees different.










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