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Unit Conversion

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How to convert dimension units in one host - Solid Edge ST5. Currently we need to do the changes in 2 places i.e one in File properties units & other is in styles. Do we have any direct option or a single option to convert the dimension units.

Naresh J
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Re: Unit Conversion

To work fast you can type in the value boxes something like 2" or 60mm/cm/dm/m/km/ft(feet).


The other solution is to make different dimension styles with one metric and the other imperial.

Than just select one that you need and make it standard for that part/assembly/draft.

Than change the File property units to inches (or what you use) and save this in your user templates.


That is all I know.

Daniël Schuiling

Re: Unit Conversion


Hello Naresh,


i don't know if i understand your problem correctly. You can try my free model styler. It copies templates and styles from a choosable template (must be an assembly file) to a single part or assembly or even to all parts of an assembly.

It also adjust the units of measure according to your template (see Misscelaneous section).

model styler options

You can download the full version here. The homepage is only in german, but you can switch the language of the macro to english.

Greetings from Germany
Christian Kunkel

Re: Unit Conversion

@ckunkel72, that was my problem too. But cool work with the model styler.

Daniël Schuiling