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Units and Help

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I have just started using the free 2D, Velocity series.
I would like to be able to change the units a drawing reports to me, between "mm" and "inch". Some of my drawings work in mm and some of them work in inches. How do I change the units which Solid Edge works in?
Is there a way within this software to access a help system? That may help me to learn this software and how to make changes in it.

Re: Units and Help

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Select the measurement and highlight it,there will be a drop down menu box that says Ansi or BSO or any of the measurement units that are used in drawing.
Just click on the measurement type you want,you'll see it alter on the drawing.

I'm still using V.20 and the drop down menu is to the top on the left IIRC.


Re: Units and Help

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You set up the default units when you install the software.
This sets a 'mm' or 'inch' template as the default.
So if you click 'Create 2D Drawing' on the startup screen, it will create a
new Draft file based on the default you specified.
You can create an inch or metric file by using the File-New dialog and
selecting the template on the 'More' tab.
ANSI is inch. ISO is metric.
Rick B.