Unmanaged project copy ST9

When making a copy of large unmanaged projects I see two ways to do that:

Within design manager no "copy" command is available, it's either save as or pack and go.


What is the right way to copy a project? Pack and go or save as? What are the disadvantage of either?


Re: Unmanaged project copy ST9

"Save As" is the same as the old "Copy".  That would be my first choice for copying a project if you are going to rename files in a new project to be unique and especially if you maintain folders for common purchased parts.


Pack and go simply zips all the necessary files up and then you can unzip them to another location.  You get an exact copy of everything.


Production: ST9 MP7
Testing: ST10

Re: Unmanaged project copy ST9

That was my guess, but was not sure. Thank you.