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Unsolvable relationships


Hi. I'm working with a sketch, containing a fair ammount of cloned blocks, and I'm running into problems. I can find no record of the error, anywhere online, or in the internal help.


At a, seemingly, random point, new geometry can no longer form automatic relationships. I get the error:

"The elemenet you have placed contained relationships that could not be solved. The unsolved relationship(s) have been discarded."

This will then happen for any new geometry. tangency seems to be the only thing that works, but neither the arc endpoints or center points will connect. I can still manually assign all relationships. Polygons, rectangles, etc, will form with their internal relationships in tact, but if any of the points (including center) were supposed to connect to existing geometry, I will get the error. Automatic relationships work fine, on other sheets in the same document, and within blocks. I'd love to be able to just undo steps, until it works, again, so I have some idea of when the tipping point was... but I've voiced my opinion of how the undo system works, enough, already.


Thank you, again, for your time, you all have been most helpful, thus far.


(My NDA forbids me from sharing the file in question. I took a short video, showing the error, but I can't seem to upload the wmv file, that solid edge saved...)


Re: Unsolvable relationships


I just started seeing that exact same error message this morning.  My situation is a little different in that I can't even draw a short horizontal line that's not connected to anything else without getting that message.  It won't even keep the horizontal/vertical relationship handle.  And I can't relate it to anything else after it's drawn.


I can't think of anything that I did or started doing differently that would cause this.  Were you able to solve your problem?  Any help would be fantastic!