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My department is finally looking into controls for drawing/CAD model development.  However, I am really confused on Insight, Sharepoint, and Teamcenter.  The brochure for Insight (found at seems to be a good fit.  However, looking around, it seems this is out of date, and some of these features are no longer in insight and only in sharepoint.  I'm just not sure what features are where, and what brochures are up to date.  I've also read we should already have Insight, but I don't see any of these features (could it be included in the sale, but not installed by our IT?)


A couple features we want is managing revisions of AutoCAD drawings as well as SE (may not have automated updates, just tracking- the video in the link above shows this in Insight), Vaulting of files (i believe this is the term for cheking in and out files, also locking released drawings) and traking progress of review.  The brochures mention workflow management, but I cant find any description as to how this is done.


Also, we are way back in ST4 still.  Does this affect our options?


Any help on describing the differences, features, and compatibility?


And sorry if this information is elsewhere, I'm just getting confused with all the revisions of these programs and conflicting information.


Re: Up to date info on Insight and SESP

If you have Solid Edge Classic or Solid Edge Premium licenses, then you have Insight.  I believe that for ST4, there was a separate install for the Insight client so you may not have it installed.


Insight has not changed much since ST4.  There have been a few minor improvements but nothing taken away.  Insight has no formal engineering change process (ECO), but there are semi-automated tools for managing the files for said ECO.  It is Solid Edge only and requires SharePoint Foundation and SQL Server Standard at a minimum.


Solid Edge SharePoint is newer and incorporates some new tools for a formal ECO Process as well as a method for non-Solid Edge users to work with the ECO process.  It is Solid Edge only and requres SharePoint Foundation and SQL Server Standard at a minimum.  If you are stuck on ST4, not sure that was supported by SESP so may not be an option.  If you were to upgrade, this would be my choice if you just need Solid Edge CAD file management and a simple ECO process.


Teamcenter is a full fledged PLM system offering much more than just CAD and ECO management and it's system requirements are also much broader thus taking more IT resources to set up and manage.  It's benefits are that it is multi-CAD, multi-site capable with very robust change management tools (not just ECOs), BOM Tools, plus so much more.


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Re: Up to date info on Insight and SESP

Thank you. Wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't installed.  Nor was the standard parts library wich we should have as well.


And that Insight has all the features described in the link I showed, and the video on that page as well?


Can you describe how the workflow management works in a breif description?

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The features are all there as described in the video.


Sometimes it is confusing talking about workflows. The workflows for the Lifecycle and the Revisionprocess is manged by Insight.


Other Workflows are manged by the SharePoint Workflow Technology. E.g. Create a PDF for each released Draft and save it parallel to the released Drawing

Another popular workflow is to send the BOM to the ERP after releasing the assembly. This workflows are all based on the standard Sharepoint workflows. There are lots on information out there about it. Just check youtube to get an impression. We like to work with because it is powerfull and based on the Microsoft SDK.


What our customers like is the usage of the local chaching of the files. Depending on the numbers of seats you have in a subsidiary you can work with this without investing in a local infrastructure (No servers, Just Clients)


If there is a need to have a local server infrastructure you can use Sharepoint replication solutions. This are affordable, easy to integrate and maintain and reliable.


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I'm no expert but I do have experience with Insight. So here's my understanding:


There is no ECO workflow in Insight, in the sense of multiple sign-off/approval and tracking. Insight requires a doc control "god" to perform lifecycle operations - release mainly. And this person has full control of the vault so he could "unrelease", in a sense, or change released files, if mistakes were made, etc. Anyone can revise a file but not release unless permissions were set to allow it but then what's the point? Also there is no automatic PDF creation.


SESP adds those two things.


All these solutions use local caching.

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Re: Up to date info on Insight and SESP

In Insight you have two groups of users


Engineering Change: This members have the right to create, edit, revise and release a Solid Edge document

Doc Control: This member are able to do modifications on released documents without starting the revision workflow. Typically "missing dimensions", misspelling , etc.

BUT: This members are not able to start the LCA (Lifecycleassistent) because it makes no sense for them. They can edit a released part anyway. Working as a member of Doc Control is an exception not for daily work.


There is no multiple sign-off/approval workflow OOTB but you can design one with the SharePoint workflow tools.

We have more than 30 customers (1 up to 120 seats) none of them is asking for that because the power of Insight is the ease of use and straight way of work. The LCA from Insight is what they like because all of them were afraid from there experience in the past about complex workflows etc.


With Insight you will get the 80% solution with an 20% effort Smiley Happy



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It's still a matter of permissions settings.

I would say that most places would not allow the general engineering team to release files.

And I'm not sure what you mean by "this members are not able to start the LCA..."

The Doc control person in our organization is the only one that can start the LCA and the only one who can release documents. And that is pretty analogous to the paper world "back in the day".

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