Update everything button?

Has anybody made a macro to update everything within a drawing?


Here are the things I'm aware all need to be touched to really update

Update active level

Update all open documents

Update all relationships

inspect/update physical properties


When that does not really update everything, then I also go open up the assembly, NOT through the draft. I believe there are model issues checked when opening the assmbly directly that are not checked when opened through draft. I say this because if my model has a problem, it opens about 10 times faster through the draft vs. opening it on it's own.


All rolled into a single button=update everything


Save all would not be a bad addition to this.


Re: Update everything button?

I'm surprised you've gotten no replies. The last place I worked had an add-in that when you hit save it would go through an update of all items you mentioned. It made saving painfully slow on large files so sometimes and we ended up turning it off.

As for your speed opening from the draft I was thinking it's because your cache would have the model files loaded when you open the draft. But you aren't in a managed environment, right? So you'd have no cache.

Anyway, I can inqure for the name of the add-in from the old colleagues.

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Re: Update everything button?

Hi there @12GAGE,


I'm sure that @Tushar would have [or create] something at a reasonable fee.

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Re: Update everything button?

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I was thinking Tushar could show up in this thread.


I'm not in a managed environment. However I do use a very organized sheet metal tank part numbering system.


I don't really want the update tied to saving. The typical issue is getting the changes to carry through so I can see the result to make the next decision.

Re: Update everything button?

That's right. The letter r is now gone out of the word free Smiley Happy