Update on CAMWorks?

I was just wondering if any news was going to trickle out on CAMWorks for Solid Edge? . Assemblies, among other things, were supposed to be added to the software as of September/October, but I haven't heard a peep since around its launch. Can someone shed some light on this?



-Dylan Gondyke

Re: Update on CAMWorks?

I believe it is close to being available.  We were just given a demo on the Wire EDM module for Solid Edge and our VAR has pricing as well.


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Re: Update on CAMWorks?

I talked to them recently and they said the assembly mode has been delayed while Siemens gets changes made to the API to make it possible. Late January is the target date now, I believe.


Larry K

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Re: Update on CAMWorks?

Thanks guys, good to know. I'm going to call my VAR for a demo tomorrow. The milling machine we have been on-and-off getting for two years is finally coming in next week.


I have a friend who works for Mastercam right here in Tolland CT and he demoed their latest to me- other than the additional file translation steps it looks very slick. I am concerned that with the silence on CAMWorks that I might be investing in a software that will be 'dead' in a few years. 

-Dylan Gondyke