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Update parts list macro




I want to automatic update partslist on drawings . I tried to use the Opensave script but only the drawings views will be updated. Any clue of how to do this?


Morgan Isaksson



Re: Update parts list macro

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Honored Contributor

I do the following to make parts lists (BOM's) to automatically update.


One of my drawings is attached that includes 1 frame part (the pipe) and a bunch of sheet metal. Looking at the drawing will help the description below.


The automatic updates are big deal for me because I make re-sizable model. Planes dive the overall size of the model. In some of my model, I can move 5 planes and update about 500 pieces of annotation and dimensions in 2 min. Then it just takes me an hour to fix all the views up.


1. For sheet metal, I expost and use the CutX and CutY flat patterns variables in the BOM

2. For frames, the cut lengh is also available and can be placed in the same column with the CutX variable.

3. I have two column lables, Cut 1 and Cut 2. The display for Cut 1 is both the CutX and Cut lenght. So if the part is either a sheet metal for frame member you can get the cut lenths to automatically update.

4. Document # = part number.

4a. This is the part number of the shape for frames

4b. I use two letter desingation as file name and part name (same two letters) for sheet metal parts

4c. I use the two letter sheet metal part names to lable views of sheet metal part using annotation.

4d. If on ST7 and using frames. If the frame part views are added within the context of an assembly, then the Item number call out can be used to lable the view. I add a circle call out and place that below the view without an arrow.



In general, it take a lot of time to become familiar with the Annotaion variable and how to use them in parts lists.


One trick I have found helpful is how to use keep the part number stright for indevidual parts. to do this, I use the material part number as the part number used to make a single part. then I put that part in an assembly and the part number in the assenbly is the part number of the finished part. So when inserting that finished part, I insert the assembly to the part number in the list is of the finished part not the material the part was made from.


I have yet to find a way to get cut lists to automatically update for anything other than frame members and sheet metal.



Re: Update parts list macro



Thank you for the reply. Interesting work flow you have for your products.


But I want to clearify my problem.

I put all data in the part properties for *.asm, *.par, *.psm. After the parts list on the draft uses indexed references to fill the parts list. Material etc.

I do all changes of the part properties in Revision manager and after I want to automatic

open all drawings and update the parts list after the edit of properties. It takes days to do this manually!


Re: Update parts list macro

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

12GAGE, have you looked at any of the ETOCTO products available for Solid Edge that can do a lot of this for you?  Siemens sells Rulestream, but there are a few others that are probably more affordable.

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