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Upgrade from ST2 to ST4 difficulties

My folders did not seem to match the description included in the "read me" instructions. One of the 2 folders in my hard drive's "Programs" was "SE 2D Drafting ST" and included a "Free 2D renew" 1 KB subfolder and a "SE 2D Drafting V102" 385,000 KB subfolder. The other "Programs" folder was a "SE 2D Drafting ST2" folder that included numerous files.

I tried installing the ST4 program to the "SE 2D Drafting ST2" folder, which didn't seem to work. Then, I tried to install it to the "SE 2D Drafting ST" folder, which also didn't seem to work. These attempts didn't seem to work because nothing says ST4 and because any folders or subfolders that indicate a version still show "V102" instead of the "V104" that I believe corresponds to ST4.

The "SE 2D Drafting ST2" folder now has a size of 995 MB and includes several folders. The "SE 2D Drafting ST" now has a size of 1.18 GB and includes numerous files. None of this says very much for my computer skills.

I haven't made much use of Solid Edge, so I'm not too worried about losing files. Maybe it would make sense to just delete everything and start over with ST4. I'm using a PC running Microsoft XP. I could use "Add or remove programs" to uninstall Solid Edge. Another possibility would be to just delete both of the Solid Edge folders from my hard drive's "Programs" folder, but I suspect that I would then leave Solid Edge-related files in other parts of my computer, which could create problems. I would appreciate any insight into these issues that can be provided.


Re: Upgrade from ST2 to ST4 difficulties

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Hi Tony,

You always should use Add or Remove Programs to remove any Solid Edge product including the existing version of 2D Drafting. You must remove before you can install the new version. If you have saved any of your files under the installation folder, they will not be removed when the product is uninstalled. Hopefully, though, any drafting files that you created, you saved in some other location. We do not recommend saving them to the installation folder.

If you have made changes to the delivered template file and left it in the default location, it would still be in that folder. It would typically be located in C:\Program Files\Solid Edge XXX\Template and might be called "ansi draft.dft" or "iso draft.dft". If you want to keep this file, simply copy it to some other folder. Once this and any other of your keepsake files have been removed from the installation folder, you could delete it and all of its contents, provided it was left behind after removal of the product.

Hope this helps.