Upgrade from ST6 to ST7 with Insight

I can do / have done a SE upgrade from ST6 to ST7 on a typical floating license setup… (non managed data)


However, I have never done one integrated with Insight. (Managed Data)


Is there anything different or special that needs to be done?

Is it a quick and easy process or is there more to it?


Any help or pointers is much appreciated.




Re: Upgrade from ST6 to ST7 with Insight

We have upgraded SE/Insight quite a few times and the process goes pretty smoothly.

We typically Upgrade the server first and apply the latest MP.  During the install, the server does and iis reset.  After that, we run around and upgrade all the clients to the same version/mp.

For our 20 users, it takes about 2-3 hours to complete.  I know of some companies that use a Silent Install script to upgrade their clients, but we don't.

Maintenance Pack upgrades are handled the same way by updating the server first, then the clients.


Dale Smith

Mitsubishi Electric

Dale Smith
Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.
ST9 MP5 - Insight

Re: Upgrade from ST6 to ST7 with Insight

Thanks Dale.


As I mentions, i'm confadent on the SE side of it but just dont know what I dont knwo of Insight...


thanks for the feedback.


Re: Upgrade from ST6 to ST7 with Insight

Another thing to keep in mind is to take a look at the release notes for the next version you are going to and the Insight Implementation Guide for anything new in terms of Platform upgrade.

We had to to go to a new server platform from ST3 to ST4 to get us to Windows 2008 R2/ SQL 2008 R2 and SharePoint 2010 Foundation.  This platform should live throught ST7, but who knows what ST8 and beyond will require.



Dale Smith
Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.
ST9 MP5 - Insight

Re: Upgrade from ST6 to ST7 with Insight

Good Point...  In doing so we also learn that with ST7 and Sharepoint we should map via UNC vs URLs


  • Insight – Create Network Location

Beginning with Solid Edge ST7, the network location you define to a SharePoint site or document library should be created using a UNC path example: \\server\sites\insight).

Creating the network location using a URL (http://server/sites/insight) can result in missing or disabled functionality with:

  • Search
  • Toolbar
  • Shortcut commands

Note: This change has no impact to your entries in searchscope.txt.

See the Working with Insight chapter of the Solid Edge Insight Implementation Guide for additional information.

·  Start Solid Edge - Help and select link Solid Edge Insight Implementation Guide

Re: Upgrade from ST6 to ST7 with Insight

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I recently upgraded ST6 with Insight to ST7 MP04.

I did not changed mapped network locations and so far without any serious problems.


However just after ugrade when opening Insight wip file to ST7, before file is opened the dialoque appears wit text (english translation from czech language):

"This document is checked-out to you, but is not checked-out in your local cache folder. Maybe was downloaded and edited on another PC.

Opening this document on this PC cause loss of changed data elswere. Do you want to open this document?"


If user select "Yes", document is opened, checked-out to current user, can do modification,  save and check-in to library.

Could be this related to changed way of mapped network folders?


Does anyone know what cause this?





Re: Upgrade from ST6 to ST7 with Insight



Sounds like it was left checked out before the upgrade. Or your cache wasn't cleared. Something along those lines. If it doesn't continue to happen that was probably the reason.

Bruce Shand
ST9 MP8 - Insight - Win10 - K4200

Re: Upgrade from ST6 to ST7 with Insight

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Depending on how meticulous you are about the upgrade processes you could also consider…


Have all users check in all their work ahead of the upgrade and clear both their Insight and Internet Explorer caches.


Back up [and verify you have good backups Smiley Wink ] your SharePoint databases before beginning the server upgrade.


[Edited to change an*l to meticulous as an*l was bleeped]

Re: Upgrade from ST6 to ST7 with Insight

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Hi all,

thanks for replies.


Before update we did:

- control of checked documents in Insight cache of all users

- delete local cache folder content

- close SE, so nobody could change anything during the update in libraries

- Customer has already set the UNC path in mapped folder

- backup of SharePoint DB


We did not before update:

- cleared IE cache


Proces of Insight update was:

- I looked to Chapter 7: Upgrade an existing installation from InsightImplemetationGuide.pdf for ST7 (there is no note about change URL to UNC paths).

- "things we did before update"

- update Insight server to ST4 MP4 Czech language with no error

- uninstal ST6 clients and install ST7 MP4 and Insight Client


First wip and released files we opened shows this message. If user hit YES, file is checked-out corretly, changes are transfered to library and automatically checked-in upon close file or SE. Then every file showed this message.

Released proces via V&M also works correctly for old and new documents.


I will let customer clear IE cache and see, if this maybe solve this.

Then (if not) I will also logged this so GTAC could investigate this more deeply.


Thank you all for our help and effort.




Re: Upgrade from ST6 to ST7 with Insight


I just want to add an update regarding my problem with opening files from Insight after migration from ST6 to ST7.


GTAC helped me a lot (thanks to Mr. Herbert Piepiora) and problem was solved by deleting the "Insght Fulltext Index" from server.