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Upgrade from SolidEdge ST6 to ST9; Windows 7 to Windows 10


My customer wants to upgrade from SolidEdge ST6 to ST9; At the same time, the OS will be upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. 

He is worried some / all of the CAD files might get corrupted / be unreadable after the operation.


What is the best procedure to go about this upgrade and what are the challenges / risks with the said venture?


Re: Upgrade from SolidEdge ST6 to ST9; Windows 7 to Windows 10


I don't see the connection??

The CAD data isn't edited by changing OS nor SE version.

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Re: Upgrade from SolidEdge ST6 to ST9; Windows 7 to Windows 10


Hi @Parijat,


while there are risks around upgrades etc. the Solid Edge stuff should be fairly straight forward. There is no reason that files will suddenly become corrupted or unreadable. ST9 will be perfectly happy opening ST6 files (though not vice-versa).  


Obviously do the due diligence by testing well, and having proper backup etc. but we sucesfully upgraded our PCs from Win 7 to 10 in place without any issues. 


Since you are upgrading SE too, I would tend to uninstall ST6, upgrade windows, then install ST9 - that way you will minimise any chances of the windows upgrade affecting the SE installations.

Re: Upgrade from SolidEdge ST6 to ST9; Windows 7 to Windows 10

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Just an FYI, at least in my experience, if you upgrade an existing machine from Windows 7 to Windows 10, your users will find their Windows performance reduced.  Coupled with the fact that ST9 is deemed to be a slower responding version of Solid Edge (at least according to many posts in this forum), your users may not be happy with the overall performance they will see on the machines if both Windows and Solid Edge is upgraded.


ST10 is being reported as being much snappier performing when compared to ST9.  Therefore for the sake of performance expectations, you may be better realized to upgrade to Solid Edge ST10.  Yes, there are arguments for not installing the first release of the software but poorer performance is never well received by an user.


That or do not upgrade the machines to Windows 10 and instead leave them at Windows 7.  Both ST9 and ST10 will install on Windows 7.  Why does the customer deem it necessary to upgrade to Windows 10?  What is Windows 7 currently not doing for the customer that Windows 10 will?  Not that there is anything wrong with Windows 10 but unless there is an actual need why not wait to upgrade to Windows 10 whenever the workstations are physically replaced instead.  Why spend effort upgrading Windows for what return?

As for corrupting the files, I assume the Solid Edge files are all on a server and a the customer has a backup of the files. With that said, there is nothing in the Solid Edge upgrade process that will touch, let alone potentially corrupt the data files.

Re: Upgrade from SolidEdge ST6 to ST9; Windows 7 to Windows 10

A few weeks ago I opened an old set of 3D models and drawings with ST10 beta that I made in Version 7 (not ST7) but 22 release ago...
No problems at all.. was able to modify it with synchronous as if they were made in ST9, very impressive.. impessive job from the guys (and girls) in Huntsville.
If your customer upgrades his hardware, you have to upgrade the os also to win10.
if he is not upgrading the hardware stick to Win7 and go for ST10...
Whenever he is deploying new hardware in the future go for win 10..
there are no benefits in upgrading a older workstation from w7 to w10...

Kind regards,

Jan Bos
Emmen, the Netherlands
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