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Upgrading to V102 results in multiple versions of Solid Edge

In December of 2008 I installed V19. Two directories were created under C:\Programs Files,
Solid Edge 2D Drafting V19, and Solid Edge 2D Drafting ST.

Today, March 2, 2010, when starting up Solid Edge, a message box appeared advising that I have 28 days remaining on my current free solid Edge 2D Drafting license. So, I clicked the button that said, "click here to obtain a free update to you license or check for newer versions."

I selected "I already have Solid Edge 2D drafting and want to upgrade to the newest for FREE. A large file (about 350 MBytes) down loaded and I installed it.

A new directory was created under C:\Programs Files called Solid Edge 2D Drafting ST2.

Both version of Solid Edge 2D seem to be functioning and the new vesion is able to load and display previously created drawings. However, the new version of Solid Edge is not configured to my liking and it's going to take hours to go through the reconfiguring process.

Is this necessary? I there some way to install the new version on top of the older version is such way as to preserve my configuration?

Re: Upgrading to V102 results in multiple versions of Solid Edge

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Siemens Phenom
There is a bug in the installation of V102 where it allows V102 to be installed on top of older versions. This should not happen and is not good if it does. you can uninstall both versions and reinstall the one you need.

Rick B.