Use Solid Edge Standard Part without extract



I need a help from you guys,


Let say I already finish extract the standard part for the whole day in PC 1.


And I have PC 2 also need to extract. Is it working if I just copy the whole standard part folder from PC 1 and paste it in PC 2 then use the standard part?


I want to save time because I might have a lot of PC to extract the standard part and it will cost me time since it will take one day. 


Betreff: Use Solid Edge Standard Part without extract





the more important question might be, if You have a lot of pc,   why You do not install Your standard parts at a server with a common database, instead of installing them on every single pc.

You have to install it once and can use them multiple from every workstation in the net.





Betreff: Use Solid Edge Standard Part without extract



Tanks for the reply.


First is if I want to install and extract it from server it will also will take one day to extract and client need to shutdown all the PC after working hour.


May I know how u install standard part from server and use it in multiple PC?

Betreff: Use Solid Edge Standard Part without extract

@Arisy GTAC has developed various step-by-step how to guides on installing Standard Parts in various scenarios, including installing onto a single server with multiple clients.  Please contact GTAC directly and the engineer should be able to provide you with this guide.


Re: Use Solid Edge Standard Part without extract



There is a documentation on your PC or your engineering's PC the follow path: yyy:\Program Files\Solid Edge STX\Program\ResDLLs\0009\StandardPartsInstallationGuide.pdf


I suggest looking at this document, because you can make a decision which installation version is better.


But If you installed a client this will be "portable" to other PC with following steps:

  1. Copy Solid Edge Standrad Parts folder to other PC, but you have to use same folder path!
  2. Copy database files (c:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10_50.SQLEXPRESS\MSSQL\DATA\ [xCP_localGUIDdb95.mdf; xCP_localGUIDdb95_log.LDF & xse107_STP107_hun.mdf; xse107_STP107_hun_log.LDF]) to other PC and attach these to SQLExpress
  3. Set.sac up  file from copied Solid Edge Standrad Parts folder at Solid Edge Option

Important, that SQL Server user should be same on all PC.