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Use of block labels

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When using block labels with text in it is it possible to have the same text label in more than one location with duplicate information so the information could be entered only once but it would be displayed in multiple locations on the worksheet for example in a block used for the sheet title block?

Re: Use of block labels

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
You can have the block label reference properties instead of inputing static text. The block label can reference properties of the file through property text.

You can go through file properties and create a custom property for example 'Name'. This will be a text Type. Give it a text value such as 'Rick'.

When you create the block label you click on the Property Text button to enter the Property Text Dialog. Your custom property that you added will be at the top of the Properties list for the Active Document. Click on the property and click Select. You will see the property text string that references the property selected. Then click OK. You will return to the Label Properties dialog. You will see the property text string for the value. When the block is placed, the label will reference the property specified. Any block label that references this custom property will have the same value.

You can use the same workflow with Callout if you have the need to reference properties as text and do not require blocks.

Rick B.