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Using MS Word Large Text - please help


Hello all,


So I am working on a kind of procedure put in a form of a tall A size drawing (it is done mostly by images, so it’s done in SE (ST4, by the way). In order to keep formatting (and auto numbering) I typed up the text in MS word. I would like to embed this text that is long enough to span multiple pages into this document. I would also like this to be linked, so that one would only have to update the word file to update this text. How would be the best way to do this?


Here is what I have thus far (messy, but working - kind of):


1) I wrote up the procedure in word.

2) I have a macro that will take that word file and save a copy of each page as a separate word file (as far as I could tell, embedded word files only show the first page).

3ish) I insert the file (individual pages) into the solid edge file. If this embedded file is linked, then I can’t overwrite that word document because apparently it is open - even when SE is completely closed.

4ish) Therefore, I could make it such that it isn't linked, and one would have to re-insert the updated pages each time... but this eliminates half of what my goal was - to have the text linked.


Thanks for the help.