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Using Solid Edge as the ERP system

Looking for any input on how to better use Solid Edge as the main ERP 'Tool'.


Have a couple of applications, where the client/projects do not warrant a 'fully blown' ERP solution, but just want more than what we have currently.


Our CAD models are pretty complete, and by default have details such as:

- Part Number

- Material

- Quantity

- Weight



The details i would like to add include:

- Supplier Name / Details

- Cost

- Lead Times

- Delivery details



Whilst we can create a custom property for each individual file, and add each of these details, it is going to be pretty time consuming, clunky, and not really easy to manage moving forwards.


Our current method is an Excel system, that originated with an exported BOM from SE that we manage, and update as required.


Was hoping that there may have been some ideas on a 'Hybrid' solution.


Any ideas on how other are doing similar?



David Finlay

Re: Using Solid Edge as the ERP system

Good morning David,


Have you considered the "Data Preparation Utility"? This is quite a powerful tool to do mass changes and updates to files properties.




Kind regards,


Kind regards,
Theodore Turner

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Re: Using Solid Edge as the ERP system

Thanks Theodore for your response. Have not used (or even seen) the "Data Preparation Utility" before. I would presume that it is a tool to assist in the poplulating of data into the SE files, as a simpler method of opening each file and adding the custom property to each. Was hoping that i may have found either a Software that "bolts onto" SE to act as an ERP, or some Workaround type process of how companies are using SE for this purpose. Our current system of working in Excel is working kind of OK, was looking to see ideas on some 'better solutions'

David Finlay

Betreff: Using Solid Edge as the ERP system

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi @trangimagineering




can You explain this a little more in detail?


What are You planning and where do You see the problems at the moment?


You can use the property manager of Solid Edge to fill properties for multiple files in a folder without having to open them or to put them into an assembly.


With ST9 and indexed file structure You can change and enter all properties directly in explorer, and You also can use them for search.


And to have the information about a property directly in the document itself is IMHO the easiset and best way to do.

Everytime You use this file in an assembly, a draft etc. You get the info about it.

You can use those properties in drawing headers and BOMs


If there are more requests to fullfill, OK, then You can consider a bigger PDM solution, but to be honest, excel is definitively no PDM system.


I think, that the new BuildInDataManagement of Solid Edge is a solution worth to have alook onto, at least if You take the enhancements with ST10