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Using Two Different Protrusion

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PLM World Member Valued Contributor

I What To Combine Both Protrusion As One. All Of My Attempts Will Not Line Up. I've Tried Different Types, Measurements, Diameter, ETC.

Thank You



Re: Using Two Different Protrusion


One thing you could do would be to make the cylinder and the torus like you have on the top, get rid of the cylinder on the bottom, and then make a circular pattern of the top body where the axis is coming out of the screen at the origin (Y axis).


One thing you need to do is to find where the center of the revolve should be. On the XZ plane, draw a line in the negative Z direction coincident with the end of the top tube near the origin, such that the line starts at the center of the tube. Then draw a line from the origin to the free end of the line you just drew. Make these lines equal length, and where they intersect is the center of your revolve feature.

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Re: Using Two Different Protrusion


Why not use the good old sweep?


- Make a path sketch.

- Make a diameter sketch.

- Make the sweep.

- Make a thin wall.


You make it yourself so hard by doing it that way.




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