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Using variables or formula in a table?

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Hi - Just got back into using ST5 2d and was wondering if there is a way to use variables or formula to compute cells in a table?


I have a document that is a design for a beehive box, all the dimensions of which are parameterised so that I can generate different boxes by changing a few variables...


I'd like to generate the "cutting list" automatically too, but I can;t work out how to use variables/formulae in the cell of a table.






Nick,   If you are refering to a draft's table; I am not...



If you are refering to a draft's table; I am not aware of a way to do so.


You can however expose variables from the variable table and then use these exposed variables as property text.


Might it be easier to embed an excel worksheet?


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Nick, you will want to use Property Text to place variabl...

Nick, you will want to use Property Text to place variables from the active document into any of the annotation tools. You will need to 'Expose' them in the Variable Table to be able to access them with Property Text. Unfortunately the Table feature does not support Property Text so you will be forced to use a frameless and leaderless Callout feature to place the the Property Text into a hand drawn table or on top of a Table feature (but not in it).  You can also use Excel as you can link Variables from Solid Edge to Excel.


The whole thing would be much easier if you were using the 3D portion of Solid Edge to create your behive box as that was what the majority of the tools where designed to take advantage of...


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Re: Using variables or formula in a table?

Thanks for the feedback guys... This does seem like an obvious missing feature - you can use variables elsewhere to drive dimensions etc., but not to use the resultant value in a visible form.

I'd love to use the 3D version, but I'm a humble bee-keeper and the cost of a 3D license would be an awful lot of honey...

Having said that, the fully parametrised and driven drawings for National Shallow, Brood & Deep boxes works very well - its just that I'd like the wood cutting list to reflect the drawing without manual override.