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V102 Crash

Q1: When SE 2D crashed today (first time) a notification menu appeared to send an e-mail error file to Siemens. Does this get answered via this forum or directly?

Q2: I was working in the 2D model space. I had mirror copied a lefthand view & moved this to the right of a front view to create a righthand view. I then created a block from other rotated geometry; which was then positioned into the righthand view. When working on this block of geometry to marry it into the righthand view the drawing functions became vey slow. Particularly the line trim, extend & thickness. Also the block would not select to unblock. Have you experienced anything like this & if so do you have any tips on preventing a recurrence?
(My PC is Dell vostro 530 with Intel core i5 750 @ 2.66 GHz CPU with 1.99 Gb ram, invidea graphics & 200 Gb hard-drive space. OS is XP pro 32 bit)

Q3: I noticed questions on the forum regarding conic sections & lofting, but could see no answer. Do you have any tips on creating lines of intersection between curves i.e fillet cusps? I have constructed these in the traditional way, but have found no tools in SE for spacing points on curves or repeat spacing angled lines from a common origin to make this easier. In Boeing CADAM one could do this & project lines of intersection on a third view from curves defined in 2 other orthographic views.

Regards Mark