Variable Dimension in Drafting

Is there way to make a dimension a variable in a draft with tolerances?  I have a cylinder that only the diameter is going to change, so I want to make the diameter dimension show " 'A' -0.00/+0.01."  I can type this in and make the dimension blank, but then I cannot put a proper solid tolerance on the dimension.  There isn't really a need for making a new drawing for every single size, so a variable part with multiple drawings would be more complicated than needed.


Betreff: Variable Dimension in Drafting




first sound simple but isn't.


The only way I have found is, to use a family of parts (with at least 2 members9 and they may not be distributed for what we are planning to do.


After having the familiy (master at least) You can put it into a draft an built a table for family parts.

Here You can join the dimensions what brings a variable letter for the dimension.

This dimension can now also be a toleranced one.


See picture:




Betreff: Variable Dimension in Drafting



Thanks for the help.  This does work, but seems rather involved to be the only way.