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Variable Table: Locked vs unlocked icon


I am reading the Help documentation on the Variable Table

"if the open lock is displayed icon, the value cannot be edited. If the closed lock displays icon, the value can be edited."


The logic that SE is using is completely backwards to any other system, CAD or not, that uses a lock to represent the state of an object. If a lock is closed you cannot make modifications. If the lock is open you can make modifications!


Why the reversal of common practice and common sense?


Ryan,   I think once you use this system for a while, you...




I think once you use this system for a while, you'll come to appreciate it. The lock means the system can't change the value. An unlocked dimension can be changed by other geometry or by the user. To drive the dimension with a table, you have to remove the ability of other geometry to drive it, so you have to lock it. It might look strange when you look at it only in the context of the variable table, but when you see it from the point of view of the overall lock/unlock of dimensions, it makes more sense.


In SolidWorks, a "driven" dimension cannot be controlled by the user, but in Solid Edge, an unlocked dimension can be. To me this arrangement is worlds more useful. SolidWorks can't drive a driven dimension using configurations or equations, either, so in that sense, the two work the same.

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Re: Ryan,   I think once you use this system for a while, you...

I agree with you 100%. I've used expressions and spreadsheets to drive 500+ unique part assemblies/weldments in the past (almost 15 years back now). I have a good understanding how a system can allow a user to flag variables/expressions as locked.

But what you are saying is exactly what I am saying. But is not what documentation says.
Documentation says the open lock means the values CANNOT be changed. Closed lock means the value CAN be changed.
Maybe we need to start a conversation at the base level and then work our way up the complexity tree to come to a full understanding.

When I open my variable I see my ST PMI dimensions in gray. They contain locked and unlocked icon. With the definitions from Help docs, I shouldn't be able to change any of the Unlocked dimensions...but I can. I can also change the locked dimensions as well. So, in this case documentation is either incorrect, needs more clarification or there is an "undocumented enhancement".