Variable Table Purge?

Variable Delete.png

I created one test item (see figure).
The problem is that this item is not deleted after use. ^^
Only the name is changed. (Why?)
How can I delete it?


Re: Variable Table Purge?

Here's one Purge Variables utility which you can check if applies to your case.


~Tushar Suradkar

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Re: Variable Table Purge?

Hi~ Tusbar


I would like to use this macro, but ...
Win10 environment or an error occurs.
It does not even run.

Re: Variable Table Purge?


Sorry to hear that, I haven't had a chance to test it on Win10

What is the error ?


Re: Variable Table Purge?


"Operation stopped."
Message appears. It is not executed at all.

Re: Variable Table Purge?

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No idea what's happening here, never used Windows 10

The only person who can help you and me with this is the one with Windows 10 + Solid Edge.

Let's keep fingers crossed.