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Variable Table

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How can we delete a variable from the variable table list that in not being used
anymore? Also is there a way to search the variables that is used?

Re: Variable Table

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Click on the variable type for the variable you want to delete. This will
highlight the entire row for that variable. Press the delete key on the
keyboard. It should delete that variable.
Rick B.

Re: Variable Table

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This doesn't appear to work in ST5 if the part is open from an assembly, i.e., by double-clicking the part while you have the assembly open. Pushing "delete" doesn't do anything.
It works if you open the part directly. You can click the variable type, push "delete" and the variable is deleted.
Can someone confirm that this is expected behaviour? That you must open the part by itself in order to delete variables?
Also, Siemens, an entry in the context menu (right-click menu) for "Delete Variable" would be nice! Just a suggestion.