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Variable table

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor



I am using the variable table to create a family of parts,

This is working well untill I also wanted to add an external thread.

I would like to select the thread size from the table but cannot seem to find a way of adding it.


When I apply the external thread to the shaft the shaft diameter becomes locked due the the thread size.

but I cannot seem to be able to alter the thread diameter, ( M5 / M6 ), only the threaded length.


Thanks for your help


Regards Kevin


Re: Variable table

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

It is impossible to add any variable to any table inside SE on a cell by cell basis. Only Row by row (Or column by column). It may be possible, but I have yet to see it work. Using excel as a work around for that limit. I have never been able to get round trip automatic updates through excel.


One of my pet peeve problems with the program. A parametric modeler software that can't display a variable?!


Re: Variable table

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Solution Partner Phenom

Sounds like you are use Synchronous modeling.

If the thread was done in ordered mode then the diameter of the cylinder will drive the thread.

In Sync then thread drive the cylinder.


Model a 1.0" cylinder in ordered mode and put a thread on the O.D.

Now change the cylinder to a 2.0" diameter and you should see the thread change.

So what about the pitch? It uses the first diameter match in the thread table.

The pitch is a problem. You would need unique nominal diameters in the thread list.


Re: Variable table

As far as I know, Ordered Thread is re-applied according "Thread Family".


So, if you model a 1" cylinder an you apply a 1-8 UNC thread, if you change it to a 1/2" cylinder, the thread will recompute to 1/2-13 UNC.


Works very well when you stay in the same thread family.