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Hello The Masters,


Would you please to tell me whether there are some options to use variables in assblies, I mean, I would like to control for example two doors dimensions, but every door is placed in different subassembly located in one assy.


picture attached,




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Hi @arekkul


Have you tried using Peer Variables ?

This will enable you to control Part variables from within the top-level assembly.




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Hi Tushar,


thank you for a quick reply,


no I haven't. Basically I do not know hopw to use it ;-)


Would you give me a quick instruction please ?


Thank you.



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Is this what you are looking for?


It's an introduction on how to use the peer variables commande inside a solid edge assembly to link two parts (inter-part association)



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That also may be of some help.

Bruce Shand
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What I do for things like this:


I work compelatly in ordered

I create planes that represent the nominal dimensions of each "thing" in your case, doors.

Then I create sketches for each part starting with includes from the planes. Make shure all of the details are relative to the first included lines from the planes.

All assembly driven parts & sheet metal. They have to be created in context of the assembly. When you start each part, Turn off the parts planes and make sure only use includes from the Assembly planes


To keep track of the variables, Highlight each assembly plane with the variables open, that variable highlights. Rename the plane and the variable the same.


When complete, if you move one plane, everyting relative to it re-sizes.


Here is a Vid I did long about that was made to show now this realted to bend tables, but it shows the concept.


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Hi Arek:


Here are a couple of videos that I like the most:




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Thank you Guys for your effort.


That's very useful.





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