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Variables in free 2d

Is it possible to control a dimension by using the variable table? I have been able to create variables in the table, but I can't seem to be able to use them. I am using the free 2d product.


Re: Variables in free 2d

A dimension must be a driving dimension to drive the geometry.
Start simple in a new drawing.
Place a line.
Place a driving dimension on the line.
The color of the dimension will be black on a white background.
Go to the variable table and create a new variable.
Give the varisble a value and leave variable table open.
Right mouse click on the dimension and click on Edit Formula.
In the Dimension's Formula, key in the name of the variable you added to the
variable table.
Press Enter.
The text of the dimension will change to green.
This specifies that the dimension has a formula driving the dimension.
The length of the dimension will also change based on the variable.
Edit the value of the variable in variable table.
the length of the dimension wil change.
Rick B.

Re: Variables in free 2d

That worked very well. Thank you very much.