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Variables using if/then statements

I'd like to know if anyone knows or can point me in the right direction when using IF/THEN statements in ST9.

I am trying to have several conditions witin one statement without having to attach a .bas file or excel spreadsheet that has to follow the part around with it.

Here's a layout of what I'm trying to achieve.

SHELL_OD is my driving variable and RATING is my resulting condition. The variable RATING has about six different results based on the size of the SHELL_OD. SHELL_OD has a drop down list of discrete variables.


If SHELL_OD is less than or equal to 48" then RATING equals 3/8"

If SHELL_OD is greater than 48" but less than 66" then RATING equals 1/2"

If SHELL_OD is greater than 66" but less than 90" then RATING equals 5/8"


Theres more conditions for RATING that go all the way up to 1 1/8" but if someone starts me in the correct direction I can figure out the rest.


Thanks and I appreciate the help.

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‎09-20-2016 12:22 PM

Re: Variables using if/then statements

Try this.

IF( SHELL_OD <=48,0.375,IF( SHELL_OD < 66,0.5,IF(SHELL_OD < 90,0.625,0)))



Re: Variables using if/then statements

It worked. Thanks for the format.